How to compare prices

This is your first cabinet project and you have yet to decide which expert you will consult. Should your choice be based on the price? It is certainly not to be neglected. What if the price told you a lot on the final product and services you will get?

Of course, it is not impossible to find different prices for the same product and services. On the other hand, a considerable difference in price is often not as random as you think. It is important to consider answering the question as to where the difference come from. After all, the amount invested in that project must meet your expectations and your needs. Here are a few questions that will guide you to the possible cause of the price difference :

  • Is the lower price based on a promotion?
  • Are the materials, products and services are equally compared?
  • Is the quality the same?
  • Is the assembly included?
  • Is the installation included?
  • Are both prices based on the same design?
  • Are both estimate includes the same accessories and mouldings?
  • Is it possible there is an error on the estimate?
  • Is the price fix or extra costs may appear during the process?

In most cases, you will be able to easily answer all of these questions by communicating with your designer. It is important to make sure you will not face any surprises and extra costs during and after the process.






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