Thermoplastic vs wood doors

Should I opt for natural or synthetic materials for my new cabinet project? This is a question that deserves special attention and will have an impact on your project.

How will this affect my budget?

In general, the difference in prices can reach hundreds of dollars or even more than $ 1000.00, depending on the size and scope of the project. For a tighter budget, the thermoplastic option should therefore be retained.

What is the difference “look” wise?

Thermoplastic has a wooden look considering the different designs printed on the material. However, its luster has a more synthetic look compared to wood. The relief is also much more uniform than wood. However, the thermoplastic offers different possibilities in terms of regular pattern and uniformity. It often provides a color and a model that work perfectly with the modern style. For a more classic and richer look, with its natural aspects, wood becomes the option to retain.

What are the moldings and components options?

The possibilities for the production of moldings and 3D wood components are practically infinite, considering all the equipment, expertise and complete machinery at the cutting edge of technology available in our workshop. The customization of your project becomes much easier. Thermoplastic moldings and components are much more limited because the plastic must be molded by a heat application process and can only cover the surface of a component. In addition, the details are much less visible after applying the plastic.

What is the quality difference between wood and thermoplastic?

In terms of lifespan, the two components are practically equivalent. However, some factors may affect longevity. The thermoplastic, for example, reacts to heat from a kettle, a toaster or any other heat source. On the other hand, wood will, for example, be less resistant to water and moisture, being a component that has not been manufactured by man. Wood remains a living material subject to temperature differences and humidity. Therefore, we recommend thermoplastic in bathrooms. For kitchens, wood will often be privileged for its look.

In conclusion, these 4 questions will already give you a good orientation regarding the materials you will retain for your project. The expert advisors in our showroom will be able to discuss them further during your next visit.


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