Floods: What if you didn’t have to start from scratch??

Water levels have come down, and for some, the damages are significant. Sometimes, both kitchen and bathroom cabinets were submerged and it can be tricky to find original materials and colors.


You might be interested in knowing that you can only replace the affected cabinets, a service offered by Les Armoires Séguin Cabinets. A free evaluation of your situation will determine what needs to be replaced, and what can be salvaged. In some cases, the damage didn’t reach more than a few centimeters on the bottom of your lower cabinets. In others, all lower cabinets are to be replaced. However, in most cases, the upper cabinets remain intact.


If one of these scenarios occurred, we suggest you contact one of our designers in order to consider available options. Our team specializes in partial replacement of cabinets. Our many years of knowledge and experience have proven that it is possible to manage such a project efficiently by reducing costs, and keeping the original aspect of the cabinets. Our network of suppliers are all experts in reproduction of colors and wood aspect. The infinite availability of products combined with our expertise will transform your project into a success.


We wish to offer affordable options and a 5% rebate to anybody affected by the 2017 floods in the Prescott-Russell and Ottawa Region. We want to remind you that the first estimate is free. Give us a call so we can book a visit at your earliest convenience.


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