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When accessibility becomes a possibility

The team at Séguin Cabinets have tasked themselves with the mission of making accessibility possible by creating their own Accessible Kitchens Program. The program has been designed in order to enable the independence of a person living with a disability, in the comfort of their own environment. An accessible kitchen becomes a living environment that can impact the lives of people in many ways, allowing them to live independently in their own home.

Each kitchen is custom-built, meeting the needs of each person, according to their situation, and also their family circumstances. Here are a few of the adaptations thought of and conceived by Séguin Cabinets’ team :

Elevating back of the lower cabinets

  • Easy access to the back of the lower cabinets. The elevating remote mechanism brings the back-interior portion of the lower cabinet at counter level. The lower cabinet is divided in two in order to eliminate lost objects in the back, where they can be hard to reach.

Inside cabinet lighting

  • To increase the reflection on the objects inside to facilitate the sight for people with visual impairment.

Mobile upper cabinets

  • Easier access to items stored higher. The elevating remote mechanism lowers the upper cabinet at counter level.

Drawer interior lighting

  • To increase the reflection on the objects inside to facilitate the sight for people with visual impairment.

Drawers: Slide with over-extension

  • To increase the reflection on the objects inside to facilitate the sight for people with visual impairment.

Relocation of faucet

  • The faucet is relocated closer to the edge of the countertop for easier access.

Towel rack

  • Installed on the cabinet’s exterior, on slides for easier access.

Protective plates for the countertops

  • These plates create a resting place next to the cooking surface for hot plates and pans.


Moving cabinet

  • Mounted on wheels, this cabinet can be used for storage or for extra counter space where needed.

Storage on slides

  • For fast and easy access to everyday products.

Countertop rotating plate

  • For fast and easy access to everyday products.

Large corner working space; butcher bloc

  • Expands the working/preparation surface.

Pull-down system for upper cabinets

  • To access items stored higher with the help of a manual mechanism.

Lighted touch dimmer for under cabinet lighting

  • Slim and sleek, the lighted dimmer can easily be found.

Flush mounted handles

  • To avoid hanging and easily open doors and drawers.





















2017 marks Seguin Cabinets’ 15th anniversary! We will start our 16th year under the revitalization concept.

As a matter of fact, in the beginning of 2018, one of our showrooms will get a complete remodel. Our team is very excited to work on an innovative concept that will revolutionize our customers’ life style!

With these changes, we must clear all of the Ricardo product line from our inventory. Everything must go! From December 1st, we will offer 40% off all in store Ricardo products. It’s a nice way to kick off your Holiday shopping. We invite you to visit our website for our opening hours. Act fast before all the products are gone!

Les Armoires Seguin’s administration is proud to announce that Sophie Farley has joined our team as a designer.

Sophie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and is currently a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario. She earned more than 5 years of experience in the field.

We want to offer her our best congratulations for the job and wish her the best of luck working with our team!!


Appointment of Linda Carrière Séguin

On September 27th, Linda Carrière Séguin, administrative manager at Séguin Cabinets joined the Employer’s Partnership Table created by the Government of Ontario.

It is with great honor and pleasure that she has accepted the invitation from the Hon. Tracy MacCharles, the Minister Responsible for Accessibility in joining her voice to the other sixteen members in helping build a coalition of influential leaders that can help shift the business culture across the province for people living with disabilities.

During her two years term, she will raise awareness to include people of all abilities in our society and economy in building a more innovative, inclusive and prosperous Ontario.

Here’s a video on how to adjust your doors and hinges by yourself!

Water levels have come down, and for some, the damages are significant. Sometimes, both kitchen and bathroom cabinets were submerged and it can be tricky to find original materials and colors.


You might be interested in knowing that you can only replace the affected cabinets, a service offered by Les Armoires Séguin Cabinets. A free evaluation of your situation will determine what needs to be replaced, and what can be salvaged. In some cases, the damage didn’t reach more than a few centimeters on the bottom of your lower cabinets. In others, all lower cabinets are to be replaced. However, in most cases, the upper cabinets remain intact.


If one of these scenarios occurred, we suggest you contact one of our designers in order to consider available options. Our team specializes in partial replacement of cabinets. Our many years of knowledge and experience have proven that it is possible to manage such a project efficiently by reducing costs, and keeping the original aspect of the cabinets. Our network of suppliers are all experts in reproduction of colors and wood aspect. The infinite availability of products combined with our expertise will transform your project into a success.


We wish to offer affordable options and a 5% rebate to anybody affected by the 2017 floods in the Prescott-Russell and Ottawa Region. We want to remind you that the first estimate is free. Give us a call so we can book a visit at your earliest convenience.


Should I opt for natural or synthetic materials for my new cabinet project? This is a question that deserves special attention and will have an impact on your project.

How will this affect my budget?

In general, the difference in prices can reach hundreds of dollars or even more than $ 1000.00, depending on the size and scope of the project. For a tighter budget, the thermoplastic option should therefore be retained.

What is the difference “look” wise?

Thermoplastic has a wooden look considering the different designs printed on the material. However, its luster has a more synthetic look compared to wood. The relief is also much more uniform than wood. However, the thermoplastic offers different possibilities in terms of regular pattern and uniformity. It often provides a color and a model that work perfectly with the modern style. For a more classic and richer look, with its natural aspects, wood becomes the option to retain.

What are the moldings and components options?

The possibilities for the production of moldings and 3D wood components are practically infinite, considering all the equipment, expertise and complete machinery at the cutting edge of technology available in our workshop. The customization of your project becomes much easier. Thermoplastic moldings and components are much more limited because the plastic must be molded by a heat application process and can only cover the surface of a component. In addition, the details are much less visible after applying the plastic.

What is the quality difference between wood and thermoplastic?

In terms of lifespan, the two components are practically equivalent. However, some factors may affect longevity. The thermoplastic, for example, reacts to heat from a kettle, a toaster or any other heat source. On the other hand, wood will, for example, be less resistant to water and moisture, being a component that has not been manufactured by man. Wood remains a living material subject to temperature differences and humidity. Therefore, we recommend thermoplastic in bathrooms. For kitchens, wood will often be privileged for its look.

In conclusion, these 4 questions will already give you a good orientation regarding the materials you will retain for your project. The expert advisors in our showroom will be able to discuss them further during your next visit.


Good reflection!


Stone Countertops: Granite, Quartz or Marble?

Your decision to choose one of the natural stone countertops is based on elements, specific to each customer.

Marble Countertops

Marble is a limestone that often has colored veins. This expensive stone is not heat resistant and is not guaranteed against scratches. Given its porous properties, it easily absorbs water and fat if not treated regularly. However, the colors and patterns of marine sediment formations are exceptional and will give your countertop a unique look.

This product is more fragile compared to granite or quartz. We do not recommend it for kitchen countertops but rather for bathrooms.

Granite Countertops

Granite will always be up to date; it will not go out of style! This natural stone is very affordable at the base. It is resistant to heat and scratches. Since it is a natural stone, it will contain veins and unique patterns. Each slice is unique!

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is less heat resistant because it is a synthetic component that contains about 7% of organic dyes and polyester resin. It is for this reason that it is more uniform in terms of patterns and colors. However, it can react to UV rays but requires no sealant maintenance unlike granite and marble. Given that quartz counters are manufactured, the cost of purchase is more expensive than granite.

Maintenance: In all cases, maintain with a mild soap and especially, never use abrasive products on stone surfaces. Marble and granite must be sealed annually.

New project: Where do I begin?

You have a vision for your new renovation project, and considering the investment, the final product better meet your expectations. Here are some tips to guide your future decisions.

Above all, it would be important to evaluate your budget. This may influence the choice of materials to use and the look of your project. However, it is often difficult to estimate the costs without consulting an expert. It is therefore important to surround yourself with people who have expertise and experience in this area. To do this, a few questions can guide your choice of the contractor(s) to consult:

  • How many years has the company been in business?
  • Does the company have a good reputation?
  • Does the company offer tailor-made and customizable design services?
  • Is a measurements service from the renovation site available?
  • Are the products I’m looking for available at this location?
  • Is it possible to visualize the final project before the realization of the project?
  • Is it possible to consult a portfolio of past projects (on the web perhaps)?
  • Is there a showroom to support my choice of materials?
  • Does the company offer its own installation service?
  • What are the delivery times?
  • Are the terms of the contract clear and precise to avoid confusion?
  • Can the company offer you a list of references?

Of course, it is not necessary to answer yes to all these questions. However, they are considerable to support your choice. Having chosen a contractor that comes to your home, taking measurements and adapting your space will be a lesser responsibility to carry on your shoulders.

To make the next steps more efficient, it might be useful to do some virtual searches to bring out images of what you like in terms of design and plans. Websites like and for example are excellent resources to find the “look”, materials and accessories that interest you. In this way, it will be easier for you to communicate what you are looking for during your discussions with the designer. He or she will then be able to adapt the whole to the space available in the room that will host the new project. It is important to know that the choice of materials can affect costs downward, without altering the image you had in mind. Prices for different material options for the same project can then be requested in order to compare the options.

Once these steps are over, there is nothing simpler than letting the experts help you and guide you to the next phases of your dream project!!

This is your first cabinet project and you have yet to decide which expert you will consult. Should your choice be based on the price? It is certainly not to be neglected. What if the price told you a lot on the final product and services you will get?

Of course, it is not impossible to find different prices for the same product and services. On the other hand, a considerable difference in price is often not as random as you think. It is important to consider answering the question as to where the difference come from. After all, the amount invested in that project must meet your expectations and your needs. Here are a few questions that will guide you to the possible cause of the price difference :

  • Is the lower price based on a promotion?
  • Are the materials, products and services are equally compared?
  • Is the quality the same?
  • Is the assembly included?
  • Is the installation included?
  • Are both prices based on the same design?
  • Are both estimate includes the same accessories and mouldings?
  • Is it possible there is an error on the estimate?
  • Is the price fix or extra costs may appear during the process?

In most cases, you will be able to easily answer all of these questions by communicating with your designer. It is important to make sure you will not face any surprises and extra costs during and after the process.






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