Clearance sale of Ricardo Products

WHAT’S HAPPENING? SHOWROOM REVITALIZATION AND THE LAUNCHING OF AN INNOVATIVE CONCEPT 2017 marks Seguin Cabinets’ 15th anniversary! We will start our 16th year under the revitalization concept. As a matter of fact, in the beginning of 2018, one of our […]

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Welcome to Sophie Farley

Les Armoires Seguin’s administration is proud to announce that Sophie Farley has joined our team as a designer. Sophie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and is currently a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario. […]

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Access Talent : Ontario’s Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities

Appointment of Linda Carrière Séguin On September 27th, Linda Carrière Séguin, administrative manager at Séguin Cabinets joined the Employer’s Partnership Table created by the Government of Ontario. It is with great honor and pleasure that she has accepted the invitation […]

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DIY : Hinges and doors adjustment

Here’s a video on how to adjust your doors and hinges by yourself!

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Floods: What if you didn’t have to start from scratch??

Water levels have come down, and for some, the damages are significant. Sometimes, both kitchen and bathroom cabinets were submerged and it can be tricky to find original materials and colors.   You might be interested in knowing that you […]

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Thermoplastic vs wood doors

Should I opt for natural or synthetic materials for my new cabinet project? This is a question that deserves special attention and will have an impact on your project. How will this affect my budget? In general, the difference in […]

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Quartz, Granit or Marble?

  Stone Countertops: Granite, Quartz or Marble? Your decision to choose one of the natural stone countertops is based on elements, specific to each customer. Marble Countertops Marble is a limestone that often has colored veins. This expensive stone is […]

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Where to start with your new project

New project: Where do I begin? You have a vision for your new renovation project, and considering the investment, the final product better meet your expectations. Here are some tips to guide your future decisions. Above all, it would be […]

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How to compare prices

This is your first cabinet project and you have yet to decide which expert you will consult. Should your choice be based on the price? It is certainly not to be neglected. What if the price told you a lot […]

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